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What's Different About IFSA-Butler

Quality and Experience

Financial Benefits

Amazing Staff

Excursions and Activities

Crucial Extras


A True Latin America Experience

The highest academic standards
IFSA-Butler's affiliated universities abroad are at the top of their countries' rankings, and some are among the highest ranked universities in the world: Oxford University, Cambridge University, Trinity College Dublin, Universidad de Buenos Aires, University College London, University of Edinburgh, University of Queensland, University of Melbourne, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and University of Otago, to name just a few.

Years of experience
IFSA-Butler was founded in 1988. We have more than two decades of experience, longevity and reliability on our side.

Commitment to authentic cultural experiences
IFSA-Butler programs are more than just hundreds of Americans taking the same courses and living side by side. You can do that at home, so why spend money to do the same thing abroad? We believe that enrolling in classes alongside host country students and living with host families or in host university housing is a more rewarding and authentic approach to study abroad.

Speaking of authentic cultural experiences, our Exploring Community & Culture (C&C) program takes study abroad to a new level with cultural discussions and community immersion.


No hidden fees—ever
IFSA-Butler doesn't have any hidden charges. All of our fees, deposits and any supplemental charges such as meal plans are clearly outlined in our program fees.

Extensive scholarship program
IFSA-Butler has awarded millions of dollars in merit- and need-based scholarships over the past five years. Awards range from $500 to $5,000.

Excursions and activities included in the program fee
IFSA Butler doesn't believe in the nickel-and-dime approach to the study abroad experience. All of our programs include
events and excursions exclusively for our students throughout the semester. Our students experience being honored guests at a New Zealand marae, take tours the Inframundo in the Yucatán, attend theatre events in London, and everything in between. We see these extras as a part of the larger academic experience you signed up for.


Experienced support staff in the U.S.
Our U.S.-based program advisors, finance staff and academic affairs professionals are just an email or toll-free call away.

Full-time staff abroad who work exclusively with IFSA-Butler
Some study abroad programs just give busy professors extra money to provide an occasional event or organize a brief orientation. IFSA-Butler has program offices and full-time staff in each country where we have programs. Our staff provide everything from detailed on-site orientations to academic guidance to emergency assistance, not to mention a warm shoulder to lean on during those few moments of homesickness!

Staff with advanced degrees
Most of our U.S.-based program advisors have master's degrees, and many of our on-site resident directors have Ph.Ds.

Emergency response
Emergencies happen, but you'll have extra peace of mind with IFSA-Butler's emergency response. IFSA-Butler is a leader in study abroad health and safety issues, and our worldwide staff are trained to assist students and their families in the event of a personal, academic or health problem. All of our programs abroad include a 24-hour emergency contact number.


On-site orientation to prepare you for your adventure
Each of our programs begins with a thorough orientation to acclimate students to the academic and cultural changes of a new country. Our resident directors and other on-site staff organize and conduct the orientations, which include insight on everything from safety to public transportation to enrolling for courses.

Cultural excursions and activities exclusively for IFSA-Butler students
Some study abroad programs advertise host university activities and events as their own. IFSA-Butler staff abroad organize events and excursions exclusively for IFSA-Butler students. Of course, host university activities are also available to you and are a bonus to the IFSA-Butler cultural experience.

Academically and culturally relevant activities
Our staff abroad strive to find excursions and events that are both academically relevant and culturally enriching. We work hard to take students to places that they wouldn't be able to see on their own.


A U.S. accredited university transcript (at no additional cost, of course)
Once you finish your study abroad program, Butler University will process your official transcript, with grade and credit translations, at no additional cost. Most colleges and universities in the U.S. treat the Butler University transcript as transfer credit, which makes returning to your home university and applying for any graduate programs so much smoother.

Comprehensive medical insurance
All IFSA-Butler programs include accident and illness insurance at no additional cost. The policy even includes partial coverage of mental health and pre-existing conditions.

Visa assistance
Obtaining a visa to study in another country can be complicated and expensive. IFSA-Butler ensures that students receive accurate, detailed information about the visa they'll need before leaving for their study abroad experience.

Exploring Community & Culture (C&C)
Our Exploring Community & Culture (C&C) program, which brings students' study abroad experience to a new level through enriching cultural activities and community contacts.


Prearranged housing
Can you imagine arriving in another country and then looking for your own housing? Neither can we. IFSA-Butler's program fees always include housing, and we guarantee that each student has a host family, university housing or IFSA-Butler housing upon arrival abroad.

One student per host family
For our programs with host families, IFSA-Butler always houses just one student per host family. Past students report that the top factor in the improvement of their cultural immersion abroad was due to their host family experience.


On-site tutors
Each of our programs in Latin America includes tutors who help students with their Spanish language skills and coursework.

Program courses
Each of our programs in Latin America includes program courses designed exclusively for IFSA-Butler students. Some focus on Spanish language (emphasizing the accent and vocabulary of the host country), while others provide a foundation for learning more about the history, culture and social development of the host country.

Assistance with language
IFSA-Butler's programs in Latin America provide the best opportunities for true language and cultural immersion. At the same time, however, we're also committed to providing support that eases our students' transition to living with a host family and speaking Spanish throughout their time in Latin America. From tutoring to predeparture preparations to intensive Spanish courses and even translation in the event of an emergency, we strive to be part of our students' success.

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