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Home, Graduation, Birthday… oh my

Time June 5th, 2013 in First Generation Scholars | No Comments by

Well in the past 4 days i have been through some major emotional rollercoasters.


I turned 22 on the 22nd (golden birthday)

Arrived back in the states on the 23rd

And Graduated from college on the 25th.


I said goodbye to some of my new bestfriends

and hello to some old ones.


I have found a job and begun making plans to move back to Ireland in a year and started saving money.


I miss that island more than anything…. but im happy to be home for now :)


Im in love with Ireland and the people ive met throughout my travels.


If anyone out there is questioning whether or not they should go abroad, be it “will it be worth it? Will i have fun? Will i really learn things? Will i make friends” or whatever it is holding you back…. do me a favor…. start a new tab on your internet browser, type in IFSA-Butler Study Abroad click on a place youd like to see and apply. I promise you… I PROMISE, you will not regret it.


It was the best experience of my life… and i will forever be in debt to the people and places that lent me their time, beauty and hearts.


Signing out from the States,


Karly Ziegler


but… but… what if i don’t want to go

Time June 5th, 2013 in First Generation Scholars | No Comments by

Holy packing…..


I cant believe that after 4 months of making the most amazing memories in some of the most beautiful places with some of the best people, i am finally packing up my room at UL.


It is probably the most bittersweet thing ive ever had to do.

But, there is a silver lining to every storm cloud… and there are two to this one.


1. I CANT WAIT TO SEE MY FAMILY. My mother is literally counting down the hours and although id hate to admit it, i am too! I also realllllly miss my dogs :)


2. I have decided that i am going to go back to the states for the year to work and save money and then return to UL August of 2014 to get my masters in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.  I am so excited.


I have 5 days left at UL and i plan to spend them with the people who mean the most me here… also, i turn 22 in 4 days.



Looking forward :)



Well, Its almost time

But what if i dont want to

Home, or Ireland?




Time April 29th, 2013 in First Generation Scholars | No Comments by

Well this week has been a lot of lasts for me.


I have taken my last class i will ever take as an undergraduate. And probably the last time i will take the stage solo.


Being a dance for 18 years had been mostly because i was in school for it. but now i will have no college dance team to be a part of and will most likely stick to teaching.


The Dance UL showcase was amazing and loads of fun. All of the people in dance UL if you ever read this please know that you all have been incredibly inspiring to me and i think you from the bottom of my heart for being so open hearted and welcoming to ‘the american’ :) i love you all and will remember you for the rest of my life.


Linked below is my final solo if any of you would like to see it :))



’til next time xx


Haiku of the day:


Dance has been my world

But my world is bigger now

oh so bittersweet


Irish Farm Day

Time April 19th, 2013 in First Generation Scholars | No Comments by

Had such a cool day today.

Woke up and went to the Milk Market which is a Limerick staple here. The food was so good and we found this cool little shop where this man was selling good will stuff from texas… very small target market but it was a good craic.

Then, after having our fill there i got to go to a friends farm! A real authentic irish farm, dairy farm to be exact. I got to pet calves and pet a bull and went to a castle that s just… there, like all over Ireland there are just abandoned castles like that kids play in and stuff… we played princess and dragons on a jungle gym or playground… these kids had real castles… jealousy.

Then we went to a town close to his house called Adare which was very quaint and went into a church there where my friend decided that the best  thing he could think of to write in the guestbook was “this church smells good” brilliant man (?)

After that we headed back to his house and ate the best flippin lasagna i have ever had the pleasure of shoveling into my face. I have already asked for the recipe… its a no go. I dont even blame her :) And because my friend (Niall by the way is his name) has shared his favorite home cooked meal with me i am apparently forever indebted to him. Yeah, okay…

We watched some TV, hung out with his family and talked about America and Ireland and drank tea and it couldnt have been more perfect. One of the more relaxing days since ive been here and really helped me with some of the homesickness i was feeling.

But, after that wonderful evening Niall went ahead and popped his tire. Naturally being the great supporters me and Erica are we cheered him on as he changed it on the side of the road… i think we helped a lot!

So yeah, that was my day today. It was absolutely amazing :)


until later xx


Haiku of the day

Cows, Castles and food

who would have thought they went well

i dont want to leave


Please, let me go back to Italy

Time April 19th, 2013 in First Generation Scholars | No Comments by

Wayyyyyy too much happened this week to even begin to tell you everything!

So here are the highlights.

Sights: Tower Bridge, Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace.

Best Food: Fish and Chips (delicious classic)

Best Part: Went to the Globe Theater and was GIVEN three tickets to see the end of Romeo and Juliet IN THE FREAKING GLOBE THEATER. i thought i was going to pass out.


Venice Italy

Sights: Uhhh Venice… all of Venice… gorgeous, absolutely stunning!

Best Food: Gelato… how have i gone 21 years without it i have no idea.

Best Part: Ditching our hostel and splurging for a hotel room right on the water… amazing


Rome Italy

Sights: The Colosseum, Trevy Fountain,  Vatican City.

Best Food: Pizza… nom!

Best Part: Watching the pope give his first Good Friday service outside the colosseum.


Pisa Italy

Sights: Leaning tower of Pisa, a really cool church i forget the name of…

Best Food: Gnocchi! So freaking delicious

Best Part: Drinking with a few Italian boys we met… none of which spoke english. Interesting.


I never wanted to leave Italy. I cant wait to go back!


Haiku of the day:


felt like i was home

Italy you have amazed

someone take me back


Dance UL take Dublin by storm!

Time April 19th, 2013 in First Generation Scholars | No Comments by

So since ive gotten to UL i have joined the student union and ive also joined the dance team here.

Well auditioned and received the solo in the competition piece. This weekend was the competition in Dublin and WE TOOK SECOND PLACE out of 15 other teams!!

So exciting and was a dream come true.


The video linked to this is the one that we performed there… its very dark and i LOVED it

had so much fun i absolutely love it here!


STUDY ABROAD TIP: Get involved in everything you possibly can!! it will make you experience so much more integrated.


Haiku of the day:

We danced through the day

and partied all damn night

i am so so happy


Here we go! Spring Break in London and Italy

Time April 19th, 2013 in First Generation Scholars | No Comments by

Not going to be a long post but we are about to leave for Spring Break in London and Italy.


Flying from Shannon Airport in Ireland

to London England for a two days


Bologna, Venice, Rome and Pisa!!!!!!


catch ya later Ireland!


Haiku of the dance

Best Spring Break Ever

Going to eat so much food

Not a bit of shame


Sick for St. Paddy

Time April 19th, 2013 in First Generation Scholars | No Comments by

Well this weekend was supposed to be a weekend of Pints and Green everywhere….


well there were no pints but there was green everywhere… just not the good kind.


Ended up spending St. Paddys day in the hospital in Galway. :( had a really bad fever and some other scary things going on.

Apparently i was sick from the water i drank from the tap in Budapest

NOTE TO ALL OTHER TRAVELERS!! ask about the local tap water before you drink it… water contamination sickness is NOT FUN!


but after some killer pain meds and a really handsome dr…. wink wink…. i did make it to the parade.


Back in Limerick now, recovering and taking it easy.

Will update soon :)




Haiku of the day:


There wasnt a pint

but some pretty good pain meds

id say its success



Back from Budapest!

Time April 19th, 2013 in First Generation Scholars | No Comments by

Just returned from a very educational trip. went to lots of museums and learned a lot from my lovely friend/tour guide Daniel!


ALSO had amazzzzzing food!

There are these things called Langos… Sweet Baby Jesus they are delicious!!! Its basically a big flat piece of friend dough with… well. anything you can think of on Gods green earth to put on it. We had…. brace yourself…  parmesan cheese, tomato, cucumber, feta, ham, pepperoni, onion, and some delicious sauce i was going to ask what it was but i was too busy craming the langos into my face.

Also had some really great mexican food which was bizarre… and i learned ONE word in Hungarian… torta… it means cake. i think you can put together my eating habits.


:) Galway for St.Paddys day next week whoo!!



Haiku for the day:


Langos Langos Yum,

Oh Nutella Crepes also

Budapest Thank You


First Travels!!! Budapest, Hungary

Time April 19th, 2013 in First Generation Scholars | No Comments by

Well, its time for my first trip in Europe!! Were headed to Budapest Hungary to see some friends of mine from my home school. Very excited to go but I HATE FLYING!


I know people always say “flying is safer than driving” “less accidents happen in planes than in cars”

okay okay… fair play BUT if your car stalls you dont fall out of the sky… so yeah.




update you all when i get back! :)



Haiku of the day


Goin to Budapest

Airplanes really do scare me

can we take a boat?


“This place is all about cardio”

Time January 31st, 2013 in First Generation Scholars | No Comments by


and i dont meant normal walking, i mean speed walking… what we in the states like to call running!

But nonetheless i am HERE!!

Dublin was amazing and the Guiness factory was both educational and… well….i had a “hop”ping good time… ha, beer pun.

We finally got to our institution on Wednesday and settling in has been so easy. The other Irish students, and international students have made it so easy to be relaxed here.

Classes are much different from the states, a lot more laid back from what i can see so far… even though i have only had three so far.

Being Ms.Involved i have already joined the UL Student Union and………..MADE THE DANCE TEAM HERE (thanks to our new Irish friend Jack for the contact hook up)


Im loving every minute of it here and will post pictures when its not 1am :)

Our IFSA group has stayed close and Me Truman Erica Karen Clare Nick Kelsey and Lauren are known as “the americans” … were okay with it :)




p.s i found an old book of haikus before i left and have decided each blog will end with a Haiku about how i feel… here goes nothing.


Im finally here!

Ireland has delivered

Oh gosh, wheres my mom?


Ireland is calling…..

Time January 15th, 2013 in First Generation Scholars | No Comments by

Well, I am about 5 days away from lots of firsts:

1. First time off the east coast

2. First time on a flight over 2 hours

3. First time leaving my parents for an extended amount of time

4. First time getting a passport

5. First time i will somewhere entirely made up of people i have never met before,

But it is also a semester of lasts:

1. Last time i will take classes at McDaniel College (i am a senior and will walk the stage for graduation just 2 days after my return to the states)

2. Last time i will see some of my friends knowing that most of them will be starting their careers (as i will be) as soon as we return

3. Last time i will be able to say ive never been out of the country.

4. Last time i will be able to say that i have never been influenced or exposed to new and different cultures.

5. and finally… last time i will be able to say ive never had a pint in bloody ireland (said in bad irish accent, dont judge)


This semester is something i have worked hard towards since sophomore year. I have been trying to go abroad and the UNIVERSE (aka. the bank) has continually told me “no”. Well, hah, i did it anyway!

I choose this program because it was in a country that used the Euro which exchanges better with US money and it was a lower costing program. Plus, its IRELAND… who wouldn’t!

Through passports, purchases, and packing the most difficult task has been making sure i had everything i need, not only things they recommended but also things that will make a home away from home, feel like home (say that 5 times fast).

So far, necessities in the suitcase (in no particular order) are: guinness t-shirt (gotta fit in with the locals), computer, poster of Marilyn Monroe (ive had since freshman year), pictures of family and friends, my stuffed lion (you all have a stuffed animal you still sleep with, not lie) and my two favorite books; Elephants on LSD, and Imagine….. among other things I cant think of off the top of my head.

I know it might sound like I am all geared up and packed…. but, alas, i am not. I am currently at KCACTF at Towson University of an invite only Theatre Festival. Im a participant and volunteer so the past few days have been non stop busy and im not even home to pack. The festival ends tomorrow and ill have 4 days to pack and get my life together before i leave everyone and everything i have ever know for 4 months. Whooo….that is exciting and extremely terrifying all at the same time. None the less, i am trying to keep a level head and i look forward to everything in store.


Until next time, CHEERS!



p.s i dont know about you guys but ever since I settled on going to Ireland i have met and “heard” so many people who are from Ireland. And i feel like just because im visiting their country they want to talk to me… not always the case…but im also awkward enough where i just blurt out “Hi, im going to Ireland, limerick to be exact, where are you from, i noticed your accent, youre nifty” ….i have great social skills…..