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Moving Forward…

Time June 21st, 2013 in College Study Abroad | No Comments by

After a magnificent weekend trip to Queenstown, Wanaka, Mt. Cook, and more, it was back to Dunedin. This week would begin with the challenge of Living Below the Line and eating less than $2.25 worth a day. For me this meant Pasta, Rice, and maybe some indulging  in some sauces for these basic starches. Along with the challenge came some school work which would only make things more difficult. But for the beginning of the week, there was first a prescription for adventure.

After a walk to a brilliant Glow Worm Cave with Sian (Program Mom) and others, a few of us stayed behind to check out the area. It was about 9PM and this meant it was pitch black. We had our head torches but this did not make the trip less wet. Me, my Kmart shoes, and poor torch light struggled for 5 min before accepting the fact that we would be wet, very wet. Nevertheless after stepping over branches and breaking several trees we decided to head back.
Now, I could’ve sworn I saw a sign for a waterfall and sure enough, on the way back, Zach saw it. With no need for persuasion, I went ahead with Zach and brought Greg along with some peer pressure.
We got to a brilliant little cove where a 10 meter waterfall send water shooting into a small pool. What was even more gorgeous was the small patch of sky we could see through the overhanging trees that stood around us. This made for a spectacular viewing of the glow worms speckling the walls of the cove. The following day was when things started to get interesting. Whether it was related or not but the challenges of Living Below the Line and completing my Improv essay both hit a wall. Luckily there were plenty of things keeping my mind off food and on pleasant things. For example, lunch at Greg’s home, bottling, meeting famous Brad Thorn at a Christian event.

Thursday afternoon you could see me bored by the current Philosophy lecturer. The day was particularly uneventful to be completely honest. Luckily Friday saw the release of a decent amount of stress in the completion of the essay and beginning of the weekend. Danny I started another batch and my gang (Rita, Kuba, Anna) played a sweet little drinking game at the Cook with several pitchers.

Saturday brought with it a whole ‘nother adventure in a Sunrise Hike to Mt. Cargill. 5:30AM. Zach, Ben, Hailey, Me, and Tyler packed Spartacus (Zach’s car). Going up Mt. Cargill was not especially difficult as much as it was muddy. Then at the top Zach was teased by his aspirations for reaching the top of a radio tower! Well, this was to be the morning. No one else wanted to join as we threw his heavy blanket over the barbed fence and began the upward ascent of 30+ meters. Timed perfectly, we had 10 min or so before the sunrise. Putting Zach’s concern for trouble aside with a simple ignorance plea in the event of a situation meant we could make the most of the sunrise at the top of that moving radio tower.

With a beautiful sunrise under our belts, the day was meant to be a great one. We made our way to the Organ Pipes with great conversation decorating the air between us. Littering the air with my desire to be an airbender only exemplifies the spirit that New Zealand has left me with.

Even better was the afternoon cooking session with Zach and Ben and the amount of food we demolished. The afternoon was a wonderfully lazy one with plenty of skype and gave me the rest I needed for a night out on the town. However, I had been getting sick of town and this was one of the more blunt reminders.

Anywho, the next day was a brilliant one as I learned about Hungarian and Polish politics over the Cook’s marvelously frugal $2 Burger n Chips Sunday deal. The beers that accompanied the food made for a nice short Sunday Lib Session since we got there around 5. Even better was the movie session we had in our living room later that night. Definitely one of my favorite vibes of the semester as everyone huddled around Hercules.


Road Trip!!!!

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I started the week off brilliantly. By that I mean I did not go to my only class for Monday. With my extra time I went for a shave and relaxing morning/afternoon. In the afternoon I went for a brilliant little tour of Dunedin. And much of it was with both feet off the ground as I ran from shop to shop. The tour was to serve a purpose, get more yeast for another batch of cider!

Furthermore, that night a simmering peanut satay lasting over 3 hours was preparing those beautiful butterfly steaks. The use of the steaks was overdue as it had been several weeks since their purchase. Inviting Anna, Rita, and Kuba the night was made and several laughs were sure to be had. J

The week proved to be fairly quiet workwise. I did have an enlightening idea suggested on a meeting with Ivan Martinez, a scholarship ambassador for Rotary. He put forth the idea of becoming a PA, working abroad and finally coming back to finish the M.D. and settle a bit more. This may be the leading program for me at the moment as I think about my future.

This calm week was to give rise to an amazing weekend trip to Mt. Cook! The phenomenal trip started in Queenstown where we (Cathy and I) were giving the Horizontal Bungy Competition another shot. The competition includes being hooked up to a bungy cord on a wall (in a bar) and running out to a bar maid who hands you a drink to bring back to your partner (girl) who is scantily clad. Here is what happened the first time:

So, going there to give it a shot and prepared to get naked meant we may win the darn thing. Unfortunately, we gave the Ice Bar a look and some sour lollies meant we missed the selection process. This was a real bummer and we were truly gutted. Luckily, the rest of the trip was a blast with plenty of adventure Greg captured in his sensational weekly GoPro Video.



A Brilliant Week Back

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Wake up in a cave. Walk out to a beautiful sun slowly rising and illuminating the beach the first time for me. Watch the life awaken with the sun. Meditate. This was the start to my week and boy was I enjoying it.


Meet Amir for lunch in Clubs n Socs and going for a run through the Botanic Gardens capped my day off before I, for the first time in months, was asleep before 12AM.  As the week continued,  I was utilizing the Free Breakfast put on by the OUSA Support House and meditating often.


On Thursday, I went over with Otago Student Interfaith Group to visit the Dhargney Buddhist Centre and learn about Buddhism. The woman who spoke was very kind and her soft tone exuded a calming effect on many of us. The inter-faith experiences were not over quite yet. The following night I went to a Hare Krisna event.

Meeting Greg late at the event, I found out I did not miss out on much (my opinion) but 45 minutes of the 20-word Mantra. I am glad I stayed at the event as the mantra died down, I was presented with some intriguing thoughts from the visiting man. After that the mantra continued. Yes again. Only this time singing and dancing slowly accompanied the mantra. It was phenomenal to watch one particular man and woman take the stage before any Easterner. My spirit was filled with a positive energy. And also torn about going up. Finally, I did and I do not regret it at all. The dancing and chanting went on for over an hour and was phenomenal in so many ways. I spoke to the man following the event and was surprised by his attitude toward life and religion. He believed in the present. That is best way I know to describe it.

Friday was the Murder Mystery Dinner. But before in the morning, I played a series of chess games with Danny. It was great to see everyone from the program again. Also, the food was filling as always with IFSA-Butler. My first time with a Murder Mystery was good but I was not as involved as I would have liked to have been even with my fainting performance.

Then there was Rugby, a Red Card (will be explained shortly), and another wonderful experience at the Local Market Day.


The Rugby game was great. Alhambra Union won against University and my play was not too shabby. Also it was awesome to have people show up and watch.

Now this Red card thing. Well everyone in the flat has a card (red card as per mentioned) that they can pull out at any time throughout the semester. This card will make their flatmates drink and play games with them (themes occasionally). I participated in my first red card where Boy Bands was the theme. This turned out to be a beautiful opportunity to sell some cider and make some extra money. After wandering the streets and asking a random couple of girls to take a picture with me, kissing a stranger, and grabbing some nachos with my group, the night had just begun.


The following day was a library day. With a side excursion to the market day at the gym. Boy do I meet the most friendly of people at Market day. Now this does not mean it was not full of fun. Especially since I had spent it with some of my favorite people, Rita and Anna.




Keas AwAwAwAwA and Fiordland!

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Fiordland changed my outlook on natural sights. By far one of the most extraordinary experiences in my lifetime. And it was coupled with a beautiful group of cats that cliqued instantly. These are a couple of sentences to describe my trip to Fiordland and Milford Sound!


The drive was a long one and included getting to know a sweet chick named Amy McFardland from Scotland with a heavy accent and great sense of humour. Also sitting next to who would be others from our group wasn’t too bad either. Much of the reason for the great time that I associate with Fiordland was the combination of personalities on our trip. We all were ready to be rowdy, energetic, and talkative when tramping and in the bus after a long day of tramping. We explored the Homer tunnel in the middle of the night, learned to Twerk, and had plenty of encounters with the pestering keas in the morning. These kea birds were very beautiful in flight but by God, I wish they would shut up when they were on land. Oh and we had the bus for the trip and that meant we had a warm and dry place for the rainy Sunday that followed our tramp up to the cloudy but gorgeous Black Lake and Gertrude Saddle.

Oh and top of that the Bus meant we got to see Milford Sound, what should be the 8th Wonder of the World.


Funny enough, Amy and I got stuck there as the bus headed off and insultingly forgot about us. I mean there were only 10 of us. Come on Jake (Bus Driver and Co-Leader)!


After hanging out there we had a great time on the long drive back with a phenomenal recap of Harlem Shake on the bus that made it to the cyber world and is available here at Youtube!

Before the trip, there was one spontaneous day that I really enjoyed. It was a Wednesday and I had decided to volunteer to help out NZ Blood. Getting to the location early, I was able to not only volunteer but also donate some blood myself. After that I got to talking to the other volunteer that was meant to relieve me of my duties for that day and finding out some cool stories about the states and furthering my inspiration to travel more and live out my twenties in a very different way than the path that so many others are recommending.


Following that meet up, I stopped by a friend’s and saw many others who were visiting Dunedin from Christchurch (Nearby City with other students from orientation) and really looked forward to taking a week off randomly from school myself. In retrospect, all of these events were just preparing me for the wonderful adventures that were to come in the following weeks.


I Love People!!!

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School is on its way and I am already halfway through my money. This is not good considering there is still ¾ of my semester abroad left to go. Luckily, this week was great because it meant I would be getting a nice $400 check from the program to cover the utilities of my flat. The check overcompensates us, well I shouldn’t say that before winter and heating gets here. Another special thing about this week was that there would be my first University assessment (Boooo) and on Saturday (:/)!

So, after continually telling myself to review I ended up performing a crammathon  on Thursday-Friday. I did have a wonderful break at a Wildlife sanctuary with the program on Friday. Also, I began what would be the best adventure of New Zealand thus far when I purchased a flight ticket from Auckland to Christchurch (North to South Island). The intentionally unplanned trip was relying on hitchhiking, a tramping pack, and some contacts as its only struts. However, Cathy, my partner in adventure for the trip, said that there needed to be a flight there or back to make sure we made it back. So, we made the decision to make it Mission Auckland and try to get to Auckland in time to catch the flight back down to Christchurch (4hours (Car) from Uni in Dunedin).  That was another exciting break for Friday before the stress inducing terms test for my Human Body Systems class.
Finally Saturday came, and I, feeling somewhat prepared, just wanted to be done at this point. I go over a bunch but there was a lot of information. I really didn’t know what would be included in these 25 questions for over 15 lectures worth of information. Furthermore, I had an interesting testing experience. It felt like I was part of a manufacturing process with the structure and efficient process of testing the 1500 HUBS students.

Showtime, the green test is in my hands. I am calming myself down and making sure to color in the right bubbles on my orange sheet. As I look at the first question I am asking myself “Is this a joke?” It was not. The questions were either very easy or I had prepared more than was necessary. I got through the test pretty well and felt good as I left and began my exciting day with a journey to the market.

Also, I almost forgot earlier that week, I had been in contact many people for summer plans and finally got on the phone with a researcher at Weill Cornell Medical in New York. After speaking to her briefly about myself and what I was looking for, she gave me excellent advice and compliments about my genuine interest that only made me blush with embarrassment. This was an important push for me as I was beginning to become discouraged with the lack of an internship for the summer. Anyway back to Saturday:

After a couple indecisive turns I found myself at the Farmer’s Market. Well that is after I bought a couple 4 colored pens. The first time considering it was one of the first weekends I stayed back in Dunedin for the weekend. The Farmer’s market would prove to make my day and week.

There I saw a bunch of friends who happened to be staying back in Dunedin. I also had a great experience buying some pork from Havoc Pork. There was some banter between myself, Matt, and the owner of the business over some Crumbed Sausages. He said he didn’t know why they were there and did not recommend me buying them. Taking his advice, I told him to put some other pork patties on the side for me.

After taking some time away from his tent, I saw a Lebanese flag and food at a tent. Intrigued, I said I have to go talk to this woman and tell her I am Lebanese. I went over and embarrassingly tried to explain that I just wanted to speak Arabic with her and buy some food. After talking for a bit, she asked me about my family, where in Lebanon we were from, what I was doing down here, and gave me the food I was trying to buy. She also said that her husband teaches at Otago Uni and spoke of her sons who attend the Uni. I took down her email saying I would definitely email her. Walking back to the Havoc Pork tent munching on my Borak, I smiled to myself about the awesome experience and kindness of Afife. Little did I know, I was about to be treated with even more kindness.
Catching up with the Havoc Pork guy, I said I would grab the pork patties for $5. He said “sweet and here grab another pack”. Politely rejecting the 2for1 deal he was being kind enough to offer me, I really did want it. Bantering a bit more and telling the cashier about who I was where my accent was from and things. The nice guy that he was grabbed the crumbed sausages and threw it in the bag. This was now too far. He was giving me $10 of free meat (a precious commodity for a pour uni student such as myself) for buying $5 worth. He insisted and I finally accepted. But his kindness struck a chord.

Oddly enough the next day I went to the stadium to buy some cleats from another local small business dude and saw both Afife and the Havoc Pork guy there. I had not emailed her yet and she pushed me to do it. Also, I bought some nice steaks from the Havoc Pork guy and he once again threw in a sweet savory pie ($7) for free. I was just having the best of luck and really enjoying meeting all the wonderful people. Also, I saw the rotaract group and took down a number for the meeting. This was important because it meant I would get a ride to the meeting the next day and meet Ivan who may possibly change my future plans with information on a global grant through Rotary. Furthermore, I have yet to meet Mr. Black who know a bit more about a program in Thailand doing humanitarian medicine! Well I have gone on enough about my great meetings with people and if you have gotten this far thanks for reading!


A Change of Pace

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7 Papers, 20+ Hours of lecture, and the difficulty of choosing between several classes made my first trip with the Tramping Club perfectly timed. And the fact that the campground we were headed to was called Paradise. Ya, I know its freakin called Paradise!


Philosophy 101’s Mind and Reality was my first class in over two and a half months and did not disappoint the brief description I saw online “How the brain constructs reality” and the interest it provoked. It was also my first class with over 150 individuals. Yes, that is right one-five-zero. It is a fairly large lecture and makes it easy to get lost in a crowd. However, it also makes it difficult to find a group to study with or really know anyone.

English class was similarly sized but having less appealing topics making the decision a bit easier for the paper. Human Body Systems was already in my schedule for sure despite the massive numbers -300+ students in just my classroom and that’s not considering the 2 other classes that were going on at the same time and the other 3 classes in the morning.

Next day and next on the list was Sports Nutrition and that was ok but a bit too rudimentary for my particularly hard science nature. So that was not high up on the list either but still above English Communication. Maori was for sure not happening with a very boring lecturer and particularly unexciting material explored. My decision among the 7 classes was suddenly getting a lot easier.

Finally after taking Improvisation in the Theater with a small group whose names I knew after class, I found another class I definitely wanted to be in. At this point I had my four: Mind and Reality, Human Body Systems, Improvisation, and Sensation and Perception.

Also throughout the week there was a great international dinner and Brewery Tour with dinner provided by IFSA-Butler at the fantastic Speight’s Restaurant next door. The food continued with my first Rugby practice excitingly involving some sausage rolls at the end of a very exciting practice. It was great to learn the game from other athletes who just have such a comprehensive knowledge of the game.


Oh yeah. Sensation and Perception already had a green light being a class that I was going to transfer the credit for. Moreover, it turned out to have a great lecturer with phenomenal slides that are just plain impressive. I mean look at this slide! They are all so similarly flawless.

And at the end of the week it was time for some good old tramping! Check out the photos below.


Picture 1 of 11


Beach..Beach..Otago and O-Week!

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Making my way back from a hectic week of settling and travel, I was ready for some time off in my new town, Dunedin. I decided to start this off with a nice friendly run through the beautiful Botanical Gardens. Weaving our way through the trees and exploring the maze, Cathy and I came to a beautiful fountain, pristine rugby field, and winding road with a view of Dunedin and the Forsyth Barr Stadium starring in Orientation Week at Otago otherwise known as O-Week.


The Beautiful Botanic Garden!


Exploring our way out of the forests of the Botanical Gardens, Cathy and I found ourselves at a small rugby practice grounds. Little did I know that this run full of unexpected twists and turns would set the tone for the week. A surprise rugby game with a new friend Stewy and the sizzling New Zealand sun let me know heaps of sunscreen is a good idea. The next day at the deserted and gorgeous sands of Aramoana Beach with friends, the sunscreen proved to be just that “a good idea”. Running down a sand dune was absolutely thrilling. However, when comparing it to maneuvering the loose sands and small footholds surrounding a heart shaped rock structure, it was fairly calm. With that scare, I was ready for some solid downtime. Fast forward.

Woah! Check out Aramoana :)


St. Kilda. Heaps of bros. And in contrast to Aramoana the day before, St. Kilda had me do some serious relaxing before body surfing for the first time, having a sand fight, and snapping some sweet pics while running along the beach.  Then on another whim I decide to walk the 5.6km back to my flat, and a recent acquaintance, Charlotte, decided to join me. The spontaneous walk with an acquaintance became a friendly chat about life, love, and the future.

Spontaneous walk to the beach with friends!









Chillin out like a rock star at St. Kilda!


Sand Fight!!!! and…


The walk back with Catherine..

Just two days later it was my 21st Birthday! Now, you would think that would not be a big deal in a country where the legal drinking age is 18, or at least that is what I thought. That wasn’t the case.  I decided to kick off the night with a lively close gathering that starred BBQ and drinks. Earlier that day, I went to club sign up and had a lot of free food and things. The night was… well I am going to leave that up to your imagination. However, I will say it was filled with heaps of adventure and good times.

Continuing to travel and explore, the next day took me on a gorgeous Taieri Gorge Train Ride! The scenic ride south of Dunedin was beautiful. Not to mention the exquisite train that had unique designs and styles for each car. Moreover, the train ride reminiscent of the Polar Express allowed me to poke my head outside as we passed through tunnels and let some fresh air blow through my hair.

Let the rebellious walk begin!

Egyptian Ratscrew making friends on the train!

Hangin out with David the Voice of the Train!

Ohhhhhhh the rocks are getting closer!!!











Beautiful Taieri Gorge!


Flatlands at the end of the road!

Then, after getting back from the train ride, and attending my second Rugby practice, there was the Macklemore concert. Sold Out, with over 5000 students filling the Forsyth Barr Stadium. I had not been to a concert of this sort. HE Rocked the House! Wow, that was only Thursday.

You know who this is!

If you don’t!

So, the end of the week was the event I was really looking forward to, the Super XV rugby match! The Otago Highlanders were facing off against the Defending champs the Hamilton Chiefs. That day also marked the beginning of my brewing career. My friend and I decided to save some money and try something new, brew our own hard cider. Sweet As Brew© as we would later name the mixture began that day when we bought our supplies. However, in the middle of making our gourmet meal to celebrate, my partner and I lost track of time and realized we needed to be heading to the game. Skulling some wine and brews for the road, we hustled to the stadium and the zoo we would be sitting in. The game was a good one with plenty of back and forth play and national level rugby players. Unfortunately, the home team, the Highlanders lost in a close match, but that didn’t stop Dunedin from partying and us from enjoying our gourmet pasta bake.


Lineout to the Highlanders!


The rafting trip the next day reminded me of the wonderful food that goes hand in hand with every IFSA Butler event. Also, it reminded me of how much I enjoy everyone within the program and having that sweet sweet food. Oh, and Sian, the Butler coordinator for Dunedin, was nice enough to bring me a cake to celebrate my Birthday from earlier that week! The rest of the weekend was pretty low key with some much needed skype conversations with some of my best friends from home and Vassar. The twists and turns of travel and the adventures that come with it are exciting as I am only at the beginning of story of my time in New Zealand.

The Sea Nymphs!







Glory will be ours!


Dayuuum, it’s been how long?

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Within a matter of days the activities I have done is astounding. After a well fed and entertaining 13 hour trip to the wonderful city of Brisbane, Australia, I flew a couple more hours to Auckland. On that flight from Brisbane to New Zealand, I broke bread with some fantastic people, Cara and Valter. After 10 min of some frustrating Sudoku and Word searches on my own, I struck up a conversation with them and we proceeded to laughing and eating the tasty Lebanese delicacies of my mother for the remainder of the flight.


With more energy than the Energizer Bunny himself could fathom, I entered Auckland. I was luckily able to keep all the food my mother sent with me when going through customs. Score! However after, I found myself searching for my ride, my friend’s sister’s friend who I hadn’t met before. She finally spotted me with my new friends Valter and Cara. The adventures were just about to begin. We toured beautiful bays, ate delicious fusion foods in the renovated Victoria Market, had cups of melted chocolate, and drove the streets of Auckland on the left side of the road.

Auckland Watermelon

Bright and early the next morning, I was back at the airport for the orientation. Hours later, I was in the beautiful scenic peninsula of Whangaparaoa with my IFSA-Butler group, who would become my close friends. Scenic mountaintops filled with sheep and adventures awaited us. Each day seemed like two with the amount of activities we had. Nearly, an hour after arriving we were hopping into kayaks and going out to sea. It didn’t stop there. In two days we Mountain biked, swam, rock climbed, played rugby, did ROGAINE (Rugged Outdoor Group Activity Involving Navigation and Endurance), went to hot springs, water slides, and bonded with a group of 40 people under the stars and on the tops of mountains. Only halfway through the first orientation, there was still much to do and the next step was a true Maori welcome.

Photo Frame Sunset Cool Beach Shot

The Maori house and cultural center, the Marae, was an incredible experience filled with cultural learning and great food. We experienced a traditional welcome, chose chiefs, watched a Haka, and learned a Maori introduction. After travelling through Auckland again, we were finally on our way to Dunedin and the South Island.

TNB foever

Our first couple days in Dunedin were similarly filled with active undertakings. I roamed the city, university, and flats I would call my home. Much of the week included an acclimating period as I settled into my first house style living. With grocery shopping, banking, bedding, writing, and exploring the time flew by. I managed to see the most beautiful scenery and realize the extent to which Kiwis (New Zealanders) were spoiled when on the peninsula here. Also on the peninsula, I came a foot away from a sea lion, saw the mighty albatross and their ten-foot wingspan, and fell in love with the landscape and country. That was just Monday through Wednesday.

My View

On Thursday, I went to Queenstown, the adventure capital of the world. The center for adrenaline junkies everywhere was one of the prime spots for me to hit. Staying in a hostel, climbing trees that hang over the ocean, and eating a famous Ferg Burger before street luging filled only half a day in Queenstown. The local bar was brimming with travelers from around the world who were looking to get their adventure on. The night was comprised of new experiences, including a horizontal bungee, billiards tournament, and acrobatic stunts that required fingers to be relocated. Oh, and on the way back, I went bungee jumping.

With so much of the trip left to go, the adventures that await me are endless.


NeW zEalAnd!

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Five Weeks.

I am close but not that close. I have start raking for money. Stupid SoCal, how am I supposed to rake for money when there is this.. this.. sunshine?? How am I supposed to rake in the dough to make this trip work? I should probably apply for my Visa and buy my ticket now. Damn, I NEED a Ticket to get my Visa. Ok, work work work.


Four Weeks.

Ticket booked! Let’s Do Ittttttt!!! I should figure out how to pay for this now.


Three Weeks.

Ding! Networking. The Internet. Freelance Writing.

Friends are the Family you choose. I chose well because with a little help from my friends, I can do this. Wait a second what about New Zealand? Where does that fit in?

Well, it goes a little something like this…

“Hey Jday (High School Nickname, how are you?”

“I’m doing good, how are you?”

“I’m good, when do you leave?”

“February 4”

“Wow, that’s late!”

“I know, I am going to New Zealand to study abroad and their semester starts much later since it is summertime over there.”

“(Wide Eyed or Surprised) New Zealand, that’s amazing!!!”

“Yeah, I know I am pretty stoked!”

It usually goes on with some whys, whens, hows and goes on for at least 10 minutes. This happened approximately 5-7 times a week for weeks.

One Week.

I am so close and yet, I have not really thought about going much besides seeing a video here and there. Of course the classic 100% Pure 100% New Zealand is one of the real deals.


Three days.

Oh shit I have to get a bunch of stuff together. How do I do this? What do I bring? Damn, I still have to see them, do that, and somehow figure out what to bring. I consistently take and bring 100lbs of clothes to a fairly consistent climate in New York and now I have to deal with sunshine, rain, winds, and the indecisive beast that is New Zealand weather. I need help.


Two days.

Ok, I have got this under control, I am half packed. I just need to revise and put together the other living items I was told I needed. Just so you know that is not your normal shampoo, food, and towels, and other toiletries but rather means a tent, hiking boots, rain pants and jacket, sunscreen, flashlight, and swiss army knife. But wait, I still have to see people and make things. Which Will I do?????

One Day

So, I didn’t buy the tent and things thinking that my friend would be able to lend them to me. However, he cant! So, let the last minute shopping happen. Tent, Shampoo, Hiking Boots, Sunscreen, Daypack, and more 5 hours until I have to leave. This is ridiculous but it will happen!


Checking In

NEW ZEALAND!!!!! HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!