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Down With the Sickness

Time October 14th, 2013 in College Study Abroad | 1 Comment by

Welp. As I write this post it is about 11pm on a Saturday night and my body decided that it probably wasn’t best for me to go out with my flatmates because I’m still down with the sickness that I mentioned last week.  I figure the more I take time for my body to finally heal itself, the less time I’ll spend at home studying while people are off celebrating yet another end to the week.

It has only been 2 weeks since term started and I am already scrambling to start (and hopefully finish relatively soon) my research papers.  Surprisingly, some of my Fresher flatmates are already beating me to the punch with their “revising” (another word to mean studying in the UK).  Don’t get me wrong, I have been particularly studious and haven’t fallen behind, but they definitely inspire me to start with a bang.

Also, in comparison to my interpretation of American nightlife (which usually falls between Friday and Saturday and sometimes on Thursday for University students), Cardiff doesn’t seem to discriminate the day of the week.  In fact, most Cardiff Uni students have most if not all of Wednesday off to participate in sports or societies that they joined and continue to go out with their fellow club/team members to commemorate the game/match/event at night.  So if I have to sit-out a weekend, there’s always something else going on fairly soon.

Oh, and I should mention that I did join  a couple societies: ENCAP, short for English, Communications and Philosophy and is technically course-based but I get to socialize with people in my area of study.  I also tentatively participate in hiking & rambling (because most events are on the weekends and I can’t attend all of them).

Lastly, this next coming weekend I will be attending the IFSA-Butler Adventure Weekend in the Lake District! So I may or may not be able to be prompt with my posts due to lack of service and availability.  BUT I promise to post pictures of my adventure ASAP.



First Week of Term

Time October 8th, 2013 in College Study Abroad | 1 Comment by

I would firstly like to start off by saying thank you for those that left me comments on my last post, it filled me with all sorts of giddiness throughout the week.

I am also happy to report that my first week of term went really well.  I am ecstatic to finally take courses that will hopefully guide me to what I would like to study in my Graduate studies especially my Research Methods and Digital Literacy and Language modules.  But enough of my boring courses of study.  In reality, it was much more entertaining to witness how the week treated the rest of my flatmates, particularly the ones studying law, medicine and pharmacy.  Keep in mind this is their first year of Uni, but the poor dears looked like they had been hit with a brick.

Also it should be mentioned that most of us have differing stages of “Freshers Flu” (this is what I get for getting accommodations with mostly First Years).  Don’t get me wrong, I figured the new environment and the non-stop activities for two weeks prior the start of term would inevitably get me a tad under the weather.  BUT seeing as it has been over a year since I even had a cold, it has been REALLY inconvenient.

Alright enough with my whining.  My goal for the coming weeks is to find the right rhythm between Uni and being social/ travelling.  There are a few IFSA-Butler events coming up in a couple weeks so that gives me something to look forward to which is always good.

I hope everyone back at home are doing alright (especially with the political turmoil going on at the moment).  I’ll check-in again soon!








Belated Greetings From the UK!

Time October 1st, 2013 in College Study Abroad | 2 Comments by


I would like to start off by apologizing to everyone (especially my family) for not being prompt with my blog entries.

As you can probably guess I have been going non-stop since I landed in London for IFSA-Butler orientation.  Firstly, there was a ton of us on this group flight and other study abroad students not affiliated with our  program, so the UK Border Agency decided to make us wait for about 3 hours to get our passport stamped…luckily we had most of the day to just get rested and cleaned up.  Also, we were told not to nap or go to bed before 10 so naturally a good group of us decided to try out some of the pubs near our hotel.

The rest of the orientation was filled with meeting and basically bonding with other people in the program.  Since there was only about 6 of us going to Cardiff, I found myself making friends with students going to UCL which might prove beneficial if I need a place to stay (i.e. a floor to sleep on) if I take a weekend trip to London this semester.

Those of us going to Cardiff got to have extra free says to explore until we went to campus.  Therefore, a couple other girls and I walked to the British Museum, the London Tower and the London eye (at night so we could see the city lights).  I posted a gallery of my London escapades so you could enjoy the walking tour I did as well as the sight seeing.  Oh, fun story, while we were on the London eye we witnessed a proposal!  The guy was a true romantic: he rented out the entire pod and waited until they reached the top.  Seeing the city lights was the best way to spend my last night in London.

Sadly, I was still so tired on the train to Cardiff that I slept during half of it and missed out on seeing some of the British countryside.  I found out that my accommodations are about a 35 minute walk up-and-down a hill to campus.  So, naturally, I accepted the challenge the first few days until it proceeded to kick my butt.  However, the weather was graciously not soggy, an uncommon characteristic of Wales, so my slow trek to furnish my flat was not so difficult.

The following days were followed by persistent phone and internet troubles (which is another reason why I took so long in posting).   On a lighter note, Cardiff has been full of events and parties to keep me occupied and overwhelmed in the best possible way.  Music plays everywhere from DJs to street performers – a city after my own heart!

I should probably also mention my living situation.  Basically, I live in University Hall Tower, flat 8 in which there are 9 of us total sharing a kitchen but the individual rooms are en-suite (meaning we all have our own bathroom) which is quite common with UK student living accommodations.  One thing I found interesting is that there are 3 other American girls in my flat but they are only studying for the semester and leave in December (which I am choosing not to think about because it already makes me sad).  My other flat mates consist of 2 Welsh boys, 2 English boys and an English girl.  I think we all get on well and have gone out together multiple times.  In fact, tomorrow night I think we are officially establishing a Sunday night “family” themed dinner and I truly hope it continues throughout the year.

Term begins in a couple days so I hope that I do not run into the same posting issues and keep in contact at least once a week.  But, I am giving you fair warning that it might turn a bit boring if I am as invested in my modules as I plan to be.

Until then Cheers!



Pre-departure Rant

Time September 13th, 2013 in College Study Abroad | 1 Comment by

Hello all!

I would have been more prompt with my pre-departure send off but, as with all things in life, that did not go as planned.

My laptop got badly hacked last week so it was out of commission and I also just turned 21 and appropriately celebrated in Vegas for which I was out of commission as well.

These last few weeks have been a combination of excitement, hesitation and overall impatience to go and start my experience abroad.  Saying my good-byes have been the worst part of it (and figuring out money).  Ugh, being an adult is not so fun sometimes but, everyone has always told me that the preparation is the most irritating part of this whole process.

I am just glad that I found time to write before I leave bright and early at 5am from LAX! But for now I have a farewell dinner to get to with family and friends.

The next time I write I’ll be in the UK!

Until then, I am frantically doing last minute packing (Yay procrastination!)