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*Aussie Slang*

Time May 21st, 2014 in College Study Abroad | No Comments by

As the days go by, I find myself slipping new words into my vocabulary everyday. I catch myself saying sentences like,  “Yeah, I am pretty keen on getting some drinks after class at the Uni bar.” Or “I reckon we should go out tonight.” The best is when I talk to a friend from home and say things like, “I miss you heaps mate!” And then they call me out on getting all Australian on them. It’s funny how when I first got here, I didn’t really understood any lingo, but now I feel like I master it quite well. The best was during the first week of being in Australia, random people would ask me, “How you going?” And I would reply with, “Uh, I am going this way… Where are you going?” They’d laugh and I would realize they meant how am I. 

Australian slang is very colorful, and often I find it to be quite funny.
I figured I would take this time to share with you all some lingo and common phrases I hear on the daily basis here in the land of OZ.

Chuck a U-e
Meaning: make a U-turn.
Example: Chuck a U-e mate, the pubs the other way.

Meaning: Barbeque
Example: Anyone one down for some barbie and beers?

Don’t get your knickers in a knot
Meaning: Don’t upset yourself.
Example: Don’t get your knickers in a knot. She’ll be right, mate.

Cya this Arvo!
Meaning: See you this afternoon.
Example: Cya this arvo in class!

Meaning: a lot, lots
Example: Thanks heaps for your help.

Meaning: great-looking

Example: Those blue thongs are pretty spiffy, I think I’ll buy them.

Meaning: flip flops

Example: I need a new pair of thongs, these are about to break.

Meaning: man, guy
Example: I know this bloke from Brisbane.

Example: Want to join me for brekkie tomorrow morning?

Meaning: hello
Example: G’day mate!

Maccas (pron. “mackers”)
Example: Want to go get some burgers and fries at Maccas?

Meaning: buddy, friend
Example: You’re the best mate I’ve ever had.

Example: The sun is so bright, good thing I wore my sunnies today!

Good on you
Meaning: good for you, well done
Example: You passed your test? Good on you!



Look what I found!

Time May 20th, 2014 in College Study Abroad | No Comments by

While browsing my iPhoto Library, I recovered some lost photographs from Adventure Weekend in Binna Burra.
This weekend was one of my favorite weekends during my time here in Australia.
Big shout out to my GoPro for capturing such awesome moments.

Enjoy 😀


Picture 1 of 17


Making up for lost time.

Time May 20th, 2014 in College Study Abroad | No Comments by

Slowly but surely, I promise to make up for my lack of blogging lately. I have been so incredibly busy…
The last time I blogged was right before Mid-Semester break and a lot has happened since then.

Hmm where to begin?

On April 18th, Mid Sem Break began and lasted until April 27th.
Three friends and I rented a car and set off on an epic road trip on Monday, April 21st. We cruised down to a little town called Ballina, located in New South Wales. It was a beautiful place, but it’s mostly filled with old retired folks… But hey, sometimes it’s good to have a quiet night of just pure quiet relaxation, right? We spent our first day/night there and went out for some delicious Mexican food and then set up camp. The following day, we went to the beach there and soaked up some sun before heading north to the Sunshine Coast ☼ 

Our next stop was Caloundra, which is the southernmost community on the Sunshine Coast in South East Queensland. It is exactly 90 kilometers north of Brisbane and quite an easy drive. We stayed at a camping site called Waterfront Holiday Park. It was a great location and walking distance from all the shops and beaches. The following day, we drove to the Australia Zoo, better known as the “Home of the Crocodile Hunter.” The zoo was so great because not only can you lay down with kangaroos in Roo Heaven and take a picture of yourself holding a koala, but if you are a student, you get a pretty awesome discount on your entry fee. So totally worth it.

After we finished our day at zoo, we headed just a tad more north to Noosa Heads. Such a gorgeous place. We lucked out and scored an awesome beautiful apartment located right on the ocean that fit us four ladies perfectly. Our porch overlooked the water, making it impossible to not wake up and watch the sunrise each and every morning with a cup of coffee and some scrambled eggs. We enjoyed the beaches in Noosa Heads and the night life as well. It was such a good trip, full of great memories and lots of vitamin D!


Surprise Visiters!!

Time April 28th, 2014 in College Study Abroad | No Comments by

The week before Mid-Semester break, two surprise visitors came to Australia…

Which just so happened to be…

My mother and little sister!

They completely surprised me and booked a hotel room at a place right on the beach called Soul, located in Surfers Paradise.
It is a very easy commute on the bus in and out of the city, so I was able to crash at her hotel each night and still make it to any necessary classes that week. We spent our days at the beach and our nights out in town, shopping and dining! It was so awesome to see Surfers Paradise in a new light.
(Usually I only see Surfers at night when Uni has the weekly club nights 😉 )

Soul was by far the nicest hotel I have ever stayed out.

Check it out for yourself: Soul
^ click on link above

*I definitely recommend this hotel to any viewers who are planning on having family visit while abroad, though it was expensive, it is in the best location, has the most amazing views, and awesome customer service!*


UQU meets GFU

Time April 28th, 2014 in College Study Abroad | No Comments by

After the ever so wonderful weekend in Binna Burra, the program really bonded.

One thing I have absolutely loved so far about my experience through IFSA-Butler is the connections I have made here, and especially the ones I have made with the people within my program. I didn’t expect everyone to get as close as we have, but I adore it. I feel like we are one big happy family. The best part is, I am not just referring to the group of us who are studying at Griffith University on the Gold Coast, but I am also referring to students who we bonded with from University of Queensland during Adventure Weekend. We had so much fun together that weekend that the UQU kids came to Griffith Uni the following weekend to visit. We had a great time showing them around Surfers Paradise and our campus. We hope to go visit them at some point in Brisbane. I think it’s so awesome how many new friends the program has provided me with. I am extremely thankful for all these amazing people I have met during my journey here in Australia :)


Adventure Weekend ღ

Time April 28th, 2014 in College Study Abroad | No Comments by

A couple of weeks ago, my program’s Student Services Coordinator took myself and other students from GFU and UQU to Binna Burra, Lamington National Park. It was a weekend full of fun and exploration. I really loved getting away from Uni and disconnecting from the world for a bit (no wifi in the mountains) :)

We stayed here: 
(Click on the link to check out our accommodation)


Some of the highlights of Adventure Weekend were: 

  • Yummy food!
  • Watching an Australian movie known as: The Castle
  • High Ropes course
  • Guided Hike
  • Swimming
  • Bush Dance lessons (so much fun!)
  • camp fire
  • s’mores!
  • Flying Fox (zip-lining)
  • exploring with friends


My favorite part of the weekend was definitely the Gwongoorool Rock Pools.
It was the freshest water I have ever seen and even though it was a cold dip, it was the most refreshing swim I have ever taken and that image of the rock pools will forever be implanted in my head. Simply beautiful!



Oh! And we also did this in Cairns…

Time April 14th, 2014 in College Study Abroad | No Comments by

So, I know the most popular thing to do in Cairns is to see the Great Barrier Reef, but my friends and I did that and more. The day before we hit the reef, we decided to be spontaneous and go to a place called: Blazing Saddles Adventures!

Blazing Saddles Adventures is a working sugar cane farm and the property also boasts an 18 acre billabong! It is the most popular horse riding and ATV experience you can get while in Cairns. Unfortunately, we did not ride horses while we were there, but we did ride some fast ATVs. We went on an epic quad tour and raced around the track. By the end of our time there, we were all completely covered in mud… But we absolutely loved it.

Take a look!






Time April 14th, 2014 in College Study Abroad | No Comments by

A little delayed but…



It’s been awhile…

Time April 1st, 2014 in College Study Abroad | No Comments by

Hello Followers,

I sincerely apologize for my lack of blogging lately!
Honestly, it has been a hectic couple of weeks over here in Australia. But don’t worry, when I say hectic, I mean busy but in a good way :) I have been trying to balance everything better and I think I finally have a handle on things! I cannot get over how it’s already week 5 of classes. Only 8 weeks of class left!!! Speaking of class, Uni work has been a little consuming and has definitely been taking up more of my free time than I expected. But like I said, I have been working on my time management and I made sure to fill my free time with plenty of fun.

I actually just got back from an INCREDIBLE trip…
I spent a wonderful long weekend in Cairns!

From ATVing in the bush, to diving The Great Barrier Reef, to late night pub crawls, I had the time of my life with great friends and definitely made some solid memories!

Could life get any better?


*Pictures coming soon 😉



Guess what I am doing tomorrow…

Time March 7th, 2014 in College Study Abroad | No Comments by


Today, I confirmed my reservation to Skydive in Byron Bay!! (Sorry Mom)

I can’t believe that I am going to be jumping out of a plane tomorrow… Starting to wonder what I was thinking when I signed up for this.

But hey, what I do know is that this is the only proper time where I can shamelessly say: YOLO.

Off to bed I go! Tomorrow morning at 5:45 AM, I will be heading to the beautiful BYRON BAY!!! :)


First week of classes!

Time March 6th, 2014 in College Study Abroad | No Comments by

On Monday, March 3rd, students grabbed their books and headed to campus for the official first day of class!
That’s right, this week kicked off the beginning of a brand new semester here at Griffith University, Gold Coast!
I have to admit, it was quite strange getting back into the swing of things after two weeks of exploration, partying, and soaking up the sweet sun. So far, I love my classes. I am taking a total of four classes here. Half of my classes are Art classes, which makes me extremely happy. At Griffith University, you have lectures and tutorials for every class, which is different from what I am used to back home.

My week has been awesome so far. I have learned so much this week, in and out of the classroom. I also really enjoy my class schedule. On Mondays and Tuesdays, I only have two classes. This week, both Monday and Tuesday went by pretty fast, but it is important to note that they were the first two days where I experienced culture shock for the first time since being in Australia. When I was sitting in my first class, I found myself looking around the room, realizing I was the only American student, that’s when reality hit… I am studying abroad!!! But it’s not a bad thing, it’s actually pretty cool. I love knowing that I am getting a whole new educational experience than what I am used to.

On Wednesdays, I have no classes! (Pretty sweet, right?)
So yesterday was a great day of relaxation and no worries.  My roommates and I went out last night to Sin City, which is a night club located in Surfers Paradise. Griffith University Village actually provides free bus rides there and we also get free entry into the club! We had some friends over our apartment until the busses arrived, then we hopped on a bus to the club with a bunch of other students who live in the village.

We had a really fun night!!

Today, which happens to be Thursday, March 6th, I had both a lecture and a studio class for a course I am taking, titled: Digital Photography. During studio, the professor had us go outside and walk around campus, testing out different lighting exposures with our cameras. Now I have some great shots of campus on my camera, which will hopefully help me get more familiar with where everything is!

And Tomorrow, which is Friday, I only have one class and it is not until late in the afternoon, so you bet I will be going out tonight with my roommates to Parkwood Tavern, which everyone refers to as “Tav!” It’s the place to be on Thursday nights.

Well, that is all for now!


Here are pictures from IFSA Butler Orientation!

Time March 3rd, 2014 in College Study Abroad | No Comments by

During my first week in Australia, I had such an amazing time exploring the city of Sydney, hiking the Blue Mountains, and playing with the wildlife at Featherdale! I hope you all enjoy some of the moments I captured.


Arriving in Australia

Time February 24th, 2014 in College Study Abroad | No Comments by

Exactly a week ago today, I landed in Australia. I still cannot believe how much I have accomplished in the last week. It’s funny how crazy one week can truly be, so please bear with me as I do my best to fill you all in…

On Saturday, February 15th, I walked into LAX with two suitcases, along with a carry-on bag. A day prior, I flew in from the East coast. As I checked my bags in, I got an insane amount of butterflies in my stomach. I still can’t get over how much my nerves got to me. It wasn’t that I was nervous to go to Australia, it was the fact that as soon as I got my boarding pass, reality set in. Right then and there, I knew that there was no going back and that I was actually taking this ginormous leap that I had dreamed of for so long. My dream of studying abroad on the Gold Coast was finally coming true! Obviously, I was scared of traveling overseas but luckily, I had the pleasure of having one of my best friends with me. Originally, I planned on embarking on this journey alone, but it was a blessing in disguise that my best friend Catie decided to come along for the adventure of a lifetime.

The flight was around 15 hours long, but surprisingly, it wasn’t that bad. I lucked out and slept for most of it. When we landed at the airport in Sydney, there were people in purple IFSA Butler shirts waiting for us. The program held orientation in Sydney, where we got to explore the wonderful city. On the first day, we were given a free tour, where we learned a lot about the history of Sydney and Australia as a whole. We also got to see the Sydney Opera House, which was a “must do” while in Sydney! The second day, we traveled to Featherdale Wildlife Park and The Blue Mountains. This day was my favorite day of IFSA Butler’s orientation. At Featherdale Wildlife Park, I was overwhelmed with happiness. It was an experience like no other. It was so much fun seeing all the animals and getting to pose with baby kangaroos! It was amazing to take in some of the spectacular views of the Blue Mountains just west of the city. A park ranger took us on a hike and told us heaps of information as we trailed along. After our hike, we learned about Aboriginal Culture. It was a very neat presentation. For our last night in Sydney, we went on a cruise around the Sydney Harbour and had dinner and drinks on the boat. We had the best view of the city out on the water, it was a fantastic end to our time in Sydney. The next day, we flew to the Gold Coast. Now that I am officially moved into the Student Village at Griffith University, and I have my Wifi all set up, expect posts on the daily :)



The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Time December 9th, 2013 in College Study Abroad | No Comments by

Well, it seems as if all my hard work has finally paid off… I have officially been accepted through Institute for Study Abroad Butler University to study abroad in Australia, where I will be attending Griffith University, Gold Coast! It still doesn’t feel real that I will be spending this coming spring semester in another country. I am so excited to explore, eager to learn, and grateful to have this opportunity. Once I was officially accepted into the program and I declared that I was definitely going to travel abroad, I was ecstatic but also extremely nervous. A worry of mine is knowing that I will be beyond thousands of miles away from home. But when I think about it, I realize that with this single step, I am one step closer to an experience of a lifetime. And with that being said, I really have nothing to worry about other than making each and every day in Australia, some of the best days of my life.
February 15th cannot come soon enough!

GFU Awaits