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Day before

Time August 15th, 2014 in College Study Abroad | No Comments by

So, I’m sitting here in the Houston airport, waiting to board my flight to Mérida. My mind is filled with nothing but excitement and tiredness. And spanish. I just got back from spending a month in Spain, which will make this trip all the more interesting, since I’ll be able to compare and contrast two opposite sides of the spanish-speaking world. I’m still super jet-lagged from Spain and therefore my mind is wiped, so i’m going to keep this short; however, I’d like to quickly touch on what I’m most excited for, and what I’m most nervous about.

Excited: 1. SPICY FOOD. Spain was weeeeaaaaak when it came to the picante; one of the mildest cuisines that I’ve ever came across in my life. If it’s at all what it’s cracked up to be, Mexico will spice up my life in the perfect way. 2. SPANISH. I love spanish. It’s interesting. A ton of people speak it. ‘nuf said. 3. MEETING PEOPLE. I love spanish because there’s so many people that speak it, and therefore my end goal is to meet a bunch of cool people that I otherwise would not have been able to meet if I didn’t speak spanish. ‘nuf said.

Stuff i’m nervous for: 1. Wow, can’t really think of anything. Guess that’s good.

In any case, that’ll wrap up this first post. I’ll for sure post something within my first few days in Mérida, so stay tuned for that. Hasta luego