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Welcome to Wales

Time September 9th, 2010 in College Study Abroad | 2 Comments by

I  have been here for a few weeks now and am settling in quite well. I have managed to have some shipping and baggage problems, but for the most part all of it is settled now. I know the news letters talk about not needing to ship things over, but I feel like if you are staying a year you need more than what two medium suitcases can handle. I know you can buy stuff here, but everything really is more expensive!

I have to say things here in Wales are a lot more relaxed than in the states, people are just not as materialistic or consumer driven as what I’m used to. There are also a lot of things here that remind me of home, but a lot of things that are so drastically different that it can be hard to wrap your head around. Language and accents are probably the hardest part for me to grasp right now, once you get past the strongest of Welsh accents you still have to deal with the lingo or slang, sometimes you find that one word to Americans means something completely different to the British.

I am excited for orientation in a couple weeks, I’m ready to know what to to expect.  I’m excited to figure out my classes and start University, I know it sounds weird, but this whole not starting to October thing is very different and very late compared to our usual mid August start time. I think I’m just ready to get this show started!


I’ll be leaving on a jet plane in two weeks!

Time August 2nd, 2010 in College Study Abroad | No Comments by

I’m shipping my moving boxes tomorrow and it made me realize I have only a couple of weeks till I’m gone. I’m leaving earlier than most people in my program, I decided to live independently and want to get settled before starting orientation. This summer has flown by and I still feel like I have a lot to do before I’m gone for a year. I’m still waiting for all my financial aid, visa forms, and where and when exactly I’m starting my orientation. Not to mention figuring out what classes I’ve been approved for and how much books and transportation will cost. There is a lot to think about and a lot of unanswered questions still, but I guess that is the whole point of study abroad, you just have to get lost and roll with it.