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Great (Britain) Expectations

Time September 30th, 2010 in College Study Abroad | No Comments by

Hi all–

T-minus 1 hour before I take off from the East Coast to (rumored) chilly England.  As the time to take the leap nears, I am becoming increasingly more excited.  My expectations for this term abroad are derivative inspirations of what I have been told to expect by family, friends, and peers.  “You know, it’s pretty cold there.  I hope you’re planning on taking a jacket,” a family friend instructed.  One jacket?  How about every jacket-type thing I own!  Our ideas of “cold” are pretty different, I guess.  Trust me, jackets are the one thing I know I can’t go wrong packing.  Weather aside, I am really looking forward to exploring London for a few days—a city I have always dreamt of visiting, getting to know fellow Oxford-goers, learning within the framework of an entirely different system, and being immersed in a new culture.  I’d have to say that my expectations are not really expectations at all; they are experiences I can’t wait to have and share.  After all, I’ve never been to Great Britain, and I’m all for surprises, so why not let that lovely island speak for itself.

Cheers for now!