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Prima Facie

Time January 31st, 2011 in College Study Abroad | No Comments by

We arrived on Wednesday at around 12pm. Although many of us had just met, after a long flight and layover times it really felt like we knew a whole lot about each other (despite the fact that most of us couldn’t recount the names of most everyone). The airline that IFSA-Butler had booked, Virgin Atlantic, was phenomenal. It is beyond a doubt the best airline I’ve ever encountered: free blanket, socks, toothbrush, toothpaste, dinner, wine, breakfast, snacks, dessert, salad, water, pens, movies, TV shows, music albums. These were the outstanding features bestowed upon us by Virgin Atlantic (not to mention a funny introduction cartoon). Upon arrival at Edinburgh airport, we met with Ruth, Deirdre, and Katharine, the Scottish representatives for IFSA-Butler. They were (and continue to be) very friendly! We hopped onto two shuttle buses which drove us to our destination, the Apex International Hotel. Again, an outstanding part of the trip. The Apex is a premier hotel throughout the UK (and possibly Europe?). According to my British friend, Rosanna, it’s quite “swish.” The rooms, which are big and awesome, come fully furnished with a large flat screen TV, free Wi-Fi, two queen beds, tea, coffee, water, and one of the oddest bathrooms I’ve ever seen. The shower doesn’t have a curtain, it has a glass cover which only goes past half of the bathtub-oriented shower. It’s very confusing. More on the topic of confusion is the toilet, which will be an utter mystery for uninformed Americans. It took days to figure out, but we finally found an answer: there are two buttons on each toilet, a large one and a small one. The small one is for number 1, and the large one is for 2, but don’t expect them to flush like American toilets. Instead, they are slow and gruesome. The first night, though very slow and full of jet-lag (though not for me personally… I have a great ability to stay up for long periods of time), involved a small (student-organized) pub crawl, a popular activity for students in Edinburgh. On that note, I’ll end this post for today. Enjoy the video! The next post will contain some information on the drinking culture in Scotland (and the post should surely calm the nerves or a worried parent).


Northbound and Brown: A True Hofstra Story

Time January 10th, 2011 in College Study Abroad | 1 Comment by

It was December 9. A musty odor lingered in the air as I pecked away gingerly at my keyboard. I could hear the distant sound of tapping… tapping… tapping; it was my roommate, of course, working on essays and studying for finals. Finals were to begin on Monday and we were using our Thursday/Friday study days wisely, for once. 2am hit, still working. 2:30… 2:31. The night lulled along in slow motion, ignorant of our wish for this semester to be over. 2:52… 2:53… ugh, if only something could come rapping on our door, something to violate the treachery of work. 2:56… 2:57… then laughing. Laughing? It’s 3am… who is awake– more importantly, who dare laugh whilst we wither away wearily working. Lumby? No, no, he tires too easily to be up at such hours. Ian? No, he’s an RA. He wouldn’t dare shirk his duties by making noise during 24-hour quiet hours. Some other, maybe? Some Outsider? How dare an Outsider enter our hallway! Pat and I acknowledged the noise but decided to let it be. 2:58… 2:59… more laughing. The thought was building now, the thought of Foreigners, Outlanders, Aliens inhabiting and terrorizing Our Hallowed Hall. Like the Grinch’s heart, which has grown three sizes larger, so too does my outrage. I stand; the inception of the Interlopers I could no longer ingest and their ignorance I could no longer ignore. I wrenched the door open and, lo, it is Colin… Matt O… Josh. And the rest, as they say, is history.

[As a note, because this video was recorded with multiple different cameras, it was utter misery to attempt to compile. Audio/video synchronization constantly messed up, sound pitches varied, quality dropped; it was a miserable time. So, I am finally giving up. This is as edited as it will ever be, so please find it in your heart to forgive everything that is wrong with it. Also, sorry to all of my friends who’ve been waiting since the middle of December for this. My bad!]


In the Beginning

Time January 3rd, 2011 in College Study Abroad | No Comments by

You will learn nothing from the video posted here, but that’s okay because it’s winter break and you shouldn’t have to learn anything. Special thanks to all of my “friends” at Hofstra who helped me out with this introduction! As a note, the footage was heavily edited… one must expect some shenanigans. (Sorry for the low quality; I’m still working out the kinks in this video editing thing.)

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