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IFSA-Butler Program in Cuba
(Flag of Cuba)Now is the time to experience Cuba, home to some of Latin America's most fascinating cultures and an ideal location for the adventurous and open-minded study abroad student. IFSA-Butler was the first study abroad program to offer an integrated university experience in Cuba, and we have returned to Cuba with new energy and our renowned on-site student support.

Set where the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico meet the Caribbean, this nation is just 90 miles southeast of the Florida Keys, yet you'll feel a world away. Although Cuba shares many aspects of its physical beauty with its neighbors—pristine beaches; lush, green mountains; and urban palm trees—its culture, politics and economy are unlike any other. In Cuba, one comes face-to-face with history and learns firsthand how historic events influence the present. At the same time, however, students in Cuba will see daily changes as the country adapts to the new century and prepares for the future.

Culturally, Cuba offers a rich setting for an international student. The country is known for the arts, including the Afro-Cuban beats that dominate Cuba's omnipresent and inspiring array of music, or the world-class movie industry.

So geographically close to the U.S. and yet so very different, Cuba is sure to provide an unforgettable study abroad experience.

Available programs in Cuba include:

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