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Frequently Asked Questions



  • Will credits transfer from my IFSA-Butler program to my home university?
    Yes! One of IFSA-Butler’s most important services is listing your host university courses, grades and U.S. semester credit equivalents on an official Butler University transcript. Because this transcript is from an accredited U.S. university, most U.S. colleges and universities will treat your study abroad courses as transfer credit, allowing you to apply your study abroad experience to your degree program.
  • Can I use financial aid to study abroad?
    Yes. IFSA-Butler accepts transfers of financial aid from U.S. colleges and universities and we apply this aid toward your program fee. Many IFSA-Butler students use Guaranteed Student Loans (GSL/Stafford), Pell Grants and Parent/PLUS Loans to help pay for their period of study abroad. Remember that your home institution makes the final decision with regard to your aid package and transfer policies vary from university to university. In most cases, state loans, grants and university-specific scholarships are not transferable. For more information, visit our financial aid page.
  • Do you have programs for graduate students?
    At this time, our programs are for undergraduate students only.
  • What if my GPA is lower than the published requirement for the program I want?
    We base our published GPA minimums on the requirements of our affiliated universities abroad, which make most admissions decisions. Some universities will not even consider applications from a student with a GPA lower than the minimum, while other universities are more flexible. We advise you to call the advisor for your first choice program to discuss your GPA and study abroad options.
  • Does IFSA-Butler offer scholarships?
    Yes. Any student applying to our programs can apply for our scholarship programs. Awards range from $500 to $5,000 and are applied toward your IFSA-Butler program fee. For more about our scholarship program, visit our IFSA-Butler Scholarships section.
  • Does IFSA-Butler organize my travel?
    IFSA-Butler organizes optional group flights for most programs, but you are responsible for making your travel plans. Around the application deadline for each country, we’ll send you a program calendar, as well as information and costs for your group flight. We’ll also send information on where to meet your fellow students if you choose not to take the group flight.
  • Do I have to have a passport and visa to study abroad?
    You must have a passport to travel abroad for all of our programs, including Mexico.

    Student visas are required for semester and full year study in Australia, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, New Zealand and Peru. In addition, student visas are required for full year study in England, Mexico, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
  • Can I participate in your programs if I attend a two-year college?
    Yes, we accept applications from students at two-year and community colleges.
  • Can I study on your program if I’ve already received my bachelor’s degree but want additional undergraduate credits?
    We regret that we cannot accept applications from students who have already graduated from college, even if they are seeking undergraduate credits.
  • Can I work while I study abroad?
    Most countries where we have programs do not allow international students to work, but a few will allow you to work up to ten or twenty hours a week while classes are in session. However, we discourage you from working abroad, since you'll need all your energy to cope with the academics and cultural distractions of study abroad.
  • How can I contact a program advisor or other staff member at IFSA-Butler?
    Our office has a toll-free number, 800-858-0229, and we’re open during regular business hours Monday through Friday. You can also find a staff member’s e-mail address by visiting our Contact Us section.
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