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Health and Safety Abroad

Student safety is a top priority for IFSA-Butler. We adhere to the Forum on Education Abroad's study abroad safety guidelines, which outline nine standards of expectations for maintaining student health, safety and well-being abroad.

Our publications, predeparture newsletters and orientations abroad include extensive information about staying healthy and maintaining safety while studying abroad. Our health and safety guidelines are country-specific and take into account the worldwide political, climatic and cultural conditions that may affect a student's study abroad experience.

We hope this section will be a helpful resource for health and safety while studying abroad. Please contact IFSA-Butler if you have further health and safety concerns.

Family members or advisors who need to report a true student emergency abroad should contact the Butler University Police Department at 317-940-9396. The police will alert the IFSA-Butler staff member on duty. Students abroad should contact the IFSA-Butler resident office abroad in the event of an emergency.

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Emergency and Crisis Response

IFSA-Butler is recognized as the leader in the education abroad field for emergency response and crisis management. With years of experience, IFSA-Butler has comprehensive emergency plans in place for all program locations, as well as trained and experienced staff in the U.S. and abroad who are prepared to handle any emergency situation that may arise.

IFSA-Butler Cell Phone Policy

Students safety has always been a high priority for IFSA-Butler. In light of recent global incidents that have required our resident offices to verify the safety of hundreds of students, we are implementing a new cell phone policy that we believe will help ensure the safety and well-being of our students, as well as bring peace of mind to parents and advisors.

Effective summer 2017, all students on an IFSA-Butler or Alliance for Global Education program must bring with them, or intend to purchase upon arrival abroad, a cell phone that can exchange calls and texts with our resident office. This policy will help our staff worldwide to account for students, either individually or in large groups, in the event of an emergency.

Our staff will collect students' cell numbers at orientation and will notify the home campus study abroad office if we do not receive a working number from a student by the end of orientation.

IFSA-Butler may be able to assist with the purchase of a cell phone in the event of financial difficulty. We are happy to consider these requests on an individual basis.

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