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Post-Study Abroad Services: College Study Abroad Programs, IFSA-Butler

Alumni Resources

IFSA-Butler is committed to helping our alumni stay engaged with their study abroad experiences. Please visit our For Alumni page to find additional resources.

Academic Records Coordinators

Our academic records coordinators are eager to help with any academic-related questions after students return to the United States. They are available to answer questions from students, parents and advisors to assure that a student's academic transition back to his or her home university is as smooth as possible. Our academic records coordinators are responsible for specific countries. Please see the list of academic records coordinators and the countries that they work with.


IFSA-Butler will send each student two Butler University transcripts at no additional cost. One is sent to the permanent home address and the second is mailed to the designated transcript recipient at the student's home university. Having an American transcript makes the continuation of the student's U.S. academic career smoother because most U.S. universities treat the transcript as transfer credit. For more information, visit our transcripts page. Any questions regarding transcripts should be directed to the appropriate academic records coordinator.

Academic Record Appeals

A student who believes that he or she has not received a correct grade or credit load may initiate an appeal by completing an academic record appeal form. Academic records coordinators and overseas staff organize all appeals systematically and effectively, which means students can avoid a lengthy and expensive correspondence with a host institution abroad.

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