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Spain Study Abroad Program
(Flag of Spain) Barcelona is a vibrant and complex city. It boasts a remarkable medieval quarter, yet it also can feel very modern. It has been ranked one of Europe's best cities for business, and our program capitalizes on the city's economic health by including an internship in a wide variety of areas.

With its multicultural atmosphere, Barcelona offers a thriving food, music and entertainment scene. This city that was once home to Picasso, Miró and Gaudí continues to exude a funky, artistic personality. The ornate, colorful architectural style of Gaudí is present throughout the city and contributes to Barcelona's unique, independent atmosphere.

Barcelona is located in the Catalunya region of Spain, which is both politically and linguistically autonomous from the country's other 16 regions. The primary language of the region is not the Castellano Spanish that most U.S. students have learned, but rather the distinct Catalan language, which shares similarities with other Romance languages like Spanish, French and Italian. Both Catalan and Spanish are widely spoken in Barcelona, and our program includes a mandatory Spanish course, with study available from beginning through advanced levels.

Available programs include:

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